Your Power Reclaimed

On November 10 powerful energies that govern release from restriction are coming to a head.

As we move through the final two months of 2021, celestial connections are ramping up in intensity.

MARS is currently in Scorpio – a sign it feels very comfortable in as the original ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered in 1930.

SATURN is currently in Aquarius. Both of these signs are “fixed” signs in astrology, creating a tension that awakens you loosen up anything that’s too “fixed” and inflexible in your life.

  • Mars squares Saturn
  • Mars conjuncts Mercury
  • Mercury squares Saturn

All on the same day. So Mercury is conjunct with Mars and both Mercury and Mars are square to Saturn!

All three planets will be at  – in November 2021, which is a 7 Universal Month!

That creates a quadruple 7:7:7:7 code of brilliant intuitive insights, research, contemplation, sudden inspirational shifts, analysis and rest.

This Mars/Mercury conjunction and double square to Saturn is infusing your life with energy, focus and forward momentum – while at the same time creating restriction and a great need for patience, contemplation and extra rest.

A definite paradox is in play, and that means the universe is sending a big invitation for you to breathe and take each situation one step at a time.

It’s best not to start something – rather pour your passionate energy into projects you’ve already begun.

If you feel yourself getting frustrated or pushed, bring yourself into a place of calm.

Once you are centered, you can proceed with great courage.

Make note of any externally stirred-up fear that is impacting you negatively.

  • You may be realizing which fear buttons are easily pushed by those in control to keep you from activating your full power and creating something different from what they want to create.

Mercury’s presence is giving you insight into that fear programming.

Mars is freeing you up to take the road less traveled.

Mars conjunct Mercury creates wonderful breakthroughs in how you perceive and choose to direction of your life.

These new ideas will carry great forward momentum now.

Look at the thoughts you are having. What is the quality of your thoughts? Is it negative? Is it positive?

When you own your own power and start to claim your own voice, you are unstoppable.

Go outside of your comfort zone and speak up for what it is you want to see and create. You are standing with the Divine.

And you will continue to awaken in a spectacular way to the brilliance of your Divine Light in 2022.

  • 2022 will be especially potent because it resonates to a 6 Universal Year of LOVE, Abundance, Gratitude and Compassion.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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